Through the Pane

Through the Pane” is a group exhibition from eight local artists, Bríd Moynahan, Caleb Butterly, Gerli Kerm, Jessica Baron, Julianne Guinee, Orla Hickey, Stephen Flynn & Viv Buckley.

The exhibition can be viewed here and in shop windows in the area in the run up to Christmas.

Kanturk Arts Festival has put together a slideshow which features just a small sample of each artist’s work.

To find out more about each individual artist, click on the links below.

Please sit back and enjoy the slideshow! 🙂

Find out more about the Featured Artists

Viv Buckley

Viv BuckleyDigital Art

by Jessica Baron

Jessica BaronLandscapes

‘Black Sheep & White Elephant’  Etching and Aquatint by Bríd Moynahan

Bríd Moynahan – Etched Prints

Caleb Butterly

Caleb ButterlyLife Drawing

Orla Hickey

Orla Hickey – Prints & Paintings

Julianne Guinea

Julianne Guinee – Paintings

Stephen Flynn – Charcoal and Pastel

Gerli Kerm – NÖÖP Crafts

Thanks to those who made their shop windows available for the window exhibition.

Peadar Aspel: Aspel’s Spar, O’Brien Street, Kanturk