Bríd Moynahan

Bríd, a resident of Newmarket, is a graduate of the Crawford college of Art and is currently a member of Cork Printmakers where she specialises in etching.


Etching is a fine art process where an image is established on the surface of a metal plate, the plate is then immersed in a bath of acid which cuts lines and textures in the plate. The resulting grooves, tiny marks and holes are then filled with ink and transferred onto paper.
Her work is a slightly surreal exploration of narratives derived from personal life, fairy tales and conversations. She likes to experiment with scale to help create a playful approach to serious themes.

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Giant Duck by Bríd Moynahan
‘Black Sheep & White Elephant’  Etching and Aquatint by Bríd Moynahan
‘The Right Time’ Etching and Aquatint by Bríd Moynahan
Life 1 by Bríd Moynahan