2009 Schools’ Art Competition

Schools’ Art Competition 2009

The theme for the 2009 Schools’ Art Competition was set out as follows by the Festival:

“The general theme for the activity is ‘My Place’. Teachers may assist students in interpreting this theme and it may be interpreted as loosely or literally as the student sees fit. For example, it could reflect their actual location, interior or exterior, or a place that they consider to be home, or their wider district.

It may be notional, whimsical or critical. It may evoke a mood, such as a feeling of warmth or security, or equally of anger or dissatisfaction. It might reflect a sense of community or isolation.

It may be purely descriptive or representational. People may be included as seen fit. The work may be a single scene, or a composite or multiple picture, within the given size.

Over 350 works were submitted. The 65 Category Winners and Commended Works are available through the links below, along with the Judge’s Comments on the competition.

The seven Category Winners will be displayed in the Sólás Art Gallery, Percival St. from March 14th to 27th. The other pictures will be displayed in various businesses in Kanturk during the festival.

The Overall Winner was ‘Springtime’, by Clare Murphy.

Judge’s Comments

Thumbnail of Overall Winner

Overall Winner – ‘Springtime’, by Clare Murphy

Primary School Categories Post-Primary Categories
A. Junior and Senior Infants E. 1st. and 2nd Year
B. 1st. and 2nd. Class F. 3rd. and Transition Year
C. 3rd. and 4th. Class G. Leaving Certificate Cycle
D. 5th. and 6th. Class