Social History and Arts Project

Kanturk Arts Festival is excited to be undertaking a Social History and Arts Project which, when collated will act as an invaluable true lives account of everyday life in Duhallow and beyond, on both the wider community and members of the arts community since lockdown. So we would like to put the call out for submissions from the general public and artists/writers/actors/musicians/photographers etc to let us know how COVID 19 is impacting on you, your life/health/family, what positive effects has it had, what negative effects, what changes etc?
What imaginative things like hobbies have you taken up which would never have happened without the lockdown or indeed, anything else that may be considered relevant? These submissions can take the form of different genres.

Personal Accounts




High-resolution images of art pieces that are/have been worked/working on.

Short pieces of Drama

Musical Composition


Or anything thing else that is relevant to our current project are also welcome.

You can take one aspect of lockdown that had a hugely significant effect on you or many aspects. We hope to publish the results of the project in booklet form and hopefully launch at next year’s Arts Festival should we get the all-clear to go ahead. We will also be making the stories/poems/photos available online. If musicians/artists would like to send us in a link, please do and we will upload it in due course.
We would hope that people will respond in numbers, regardless of how short your piece is. We would envisage that this will be an important archive which can be accessed in years to come by anyone from historians to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren etc who will want to experience what life was like during the pandemic of 2020 by reading/seeing/listening to first-hand accounts from people who lived through it. Contributions can be submitted through the form below. If you have any questions please email us at and we’ll be happy to answer them.
Stay safe.

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Social History and Art Project during Covid 19
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