Money doesn’t grow on trees – that’s something we all know
But Kanturk trees are soon to host a special summer show
The park that is O’Brien street, will soon be magically transformed
Where trees become our ‘Poets’–Trees’, with poetry adorned
So, if YOU enjoy writing, love your poems, words and art
Please send us your creations – we’d love many to take part!

by Carol Brewer

Kanturk Arts Festival wants YOUR poems. Kanturk Arts Festival is looking for your poems for its summer project Poets’ Trees.

So whether you are, young, young at heart or anything in between, please get writing on any topic of your choice.

The poems will be hung on the magnificent trees in O Brien Street Park for the month of June.

Don’t want your name to appear – no bother, just mention that to us in your email.

You can submit as many poems as you like.

So c’mon, get cracking!!!

Only two conditions:

Poem must be ORIGINAL

and NOT more than eighteen lines so that poem can fit on an A4 sheet.

If you would like to illustrate your poem please do.

Get it to us by May 25th

Email it to kanturkarts@gmail.com