Pauline Neville at Spar

Aspel’s Spar Kanturk are hosting an art exhibition by Youghal based artist
Pauline Neville.

img_1333.jpgPauline is a Self Taught Artist who lives on the beautiful south coast of Ireland with her family. IMG_3270
Her day begins in the early morning when she expresses her thoughts on canvas. As she applies brush to canvas it lifts her to another dimension and connects her to the divine.
Pondering on the beauty that surrounds us in our world is what inspires Pauline’s Creativity.

Such expression allows her to reflect on life’s blessings whilstat the same time gaining strength to face life’s challenges. IMG_3269Pauline aspires to share her love of colour and light with all who view her work.She aspires through her work to take the keen observer on a voyage of discoverythat inspires hope and continuity of thought.

Pauline’s Website Link

Invited Artist for 2017 Siobhan Burke

Siobhan Burke Is a locally based Fine Art painter and who graduated from Crawford College of Art & Design in 2001.
Her artwork is inspired by the innately beautiful yet bleak winter landscape around where she lives. The colours and the mark making in her work are informed by the natural shifts in the landscape due to the ever changing light and weather, as well as by the tangles of our native hedgerows.

Siobhan’s Exhibition will be on display in Kanturk Library during the Arts Festival.

Siobhan’s Facebook Page is Siobhan Burke Art